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Healing Workshops
Call for times & places – Workshop Sunday, May 20, 2007 at 6pm – Call for specifics

Amazonian Energies and Teacher Plants for Healing and Visions – Secrets of Nature hidden in the Amazonian Temple of Nature. Opening of energies to develop vitality, strength, and awareness of Nature’s power to heal the soul. An opening to other worlds.

Contact with the Forces of the Elements (Earth/Water) and their Archangels – Shamanic work to develop harmony with the elements and obtain protection. New keys for individual healing.

Chakra Alignment with Auric Aromatherapy and Shamanic Drumming – Reduce pain (physical, emotional, spiritual), fear, and sadness by activating the chakras & aligning the spirals of the Kundalini. Feel love and peace in your heart.

Develop your Physical and Spiritual Vision – Methods to better develop your physical vision, and to activate the opening of the 3rd Eye. Better understand the role of the 3rd Eye spiritually and medically.

“Mudra Pater” – Revelation of the Gestures to the Lord’s Prayer which work with words, breathing techniques, and colors on glands, organs, meridians, and chakras to acquire the complete healing force of the original prayer.

Karma and Dharma – Origin and functioning of Karma/Dharma. Dissolve your Karma. Enjoy a magnificent journey into your past and future using the Karmic System.

More workshops in phyto-aromatherapy and natural healing will be announced soon.

Workshop Instructors: Clydette Clayton and Mireille Nedelec are full-time professional consultants and therapists. Ms. Clayton holds an MBA from The American University, and Ms. Nedelec has completed her Ph.D. studies in linguistics and sociology. Both are French-trained aromatherapists and harmoniatherapists, and having been practicing for over 20 years. They train aromatherapists worldwide and are also the developers of AromaYoga™ and Chroma-son-aroma-crystalo-geo-therapy™.

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