Sinus Relief Aids


Inhalator for Sinus Relief

… excellent for respiratory difficulties, allergies, and sinus infections

Using steam and smelling salts is well-known for its benefits. Inhalation is helpful in the case of sinus problems, bronchitis, bad coughs, flu, and the common cold.

Inhalation has a calming effect on the mucous membranes. The irrigation of these mucous membranes is increased to promote cleansing and recovery.

Inhalation using an inhalator is an effective and fast method to facilitate breathing. An inhalator is an apparatus that confines steam to which essential oils blends can be added. When breathing these blends, it is very effective.

Using an inhalator with the appropriate blend of aromatherapy products can reduce sinus infection in a very efficient and natural way. It is also an easy way to eliminate respiratory problems and allergies.

Sinus Complex: Expressly formulated to reduce sinus infection, and also to clean the respiratory system. This complex contains a medical quality of essential oils such as Ravensara aromatica and Eucalyptus globulus. Just one or two drops of Sinus Complex in an inhalator filled with boiling water to create steam is very effective. Also, a drop or two of the Sinus Complex can be placed on a Ceramic Florin which is small enough to carry in your purse or pocket through out the day.
(Click here for How To Use Sinus Complex)

Sinus Complex – $54.97


Inhalator: Made in of polyethylene. Considered to be the best and most simple product to use for inhalation.

Inhalator – $24.95


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