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Shamanic Vacation Retreat in Maui

• April 17-24: AromaYoga™ and Ascended Master Energies

• April 24-May 1: Medical Astrology and Astrosophy

• May 1-8: Shamanic Healing: the Power of Nature & Himalayan Breath

Not only is this Shamanic Vacation Retreat a magical journey in the “Love” energy of Maui, a natural spa itself, but it is also a Shamanic encounter with the Five Elements in this magical vortex in the Pacific Ocean and the Haleakala volcano. You will be prepared for experiences with dolphins, whales, and giant turtles for a journey full of life, relaxation, healing, and spiritual growth. Imagine the magic and fun that awaits you!

Physical and Auric Healing

This journey offers a special time to change many things in your life and enables you to develop all your qualities in a lovely, healing environment. You will discover a higher level of understanding of your personal power of healing. You will find a sense of well-being, and you will experience “Living Joy”.

This program includes learning about the Healing Power of the Chakras using the forces of the Five Elements in your bodies or aura, and especially in your chakras or centers of energy. You will activate your chakras and all the cells of your body by using special Shamanic Essences, chanting and special natural sounds, local energies in special vortexes created on the volcano, Haleakala, and in the Pacific Ocean.

All participants will feel a deep healing at all levels. Many may also reach states of ecstacy using these natural perfumes and special techniques guided by Clydette and Mireille.

In addition, a special time will be given to those interested in further developing their qualities as a healer.

Heart and Third Eye Activation

Some of the work will be done inside with another part being conducted outside in special energetic locations. Chakra activation exercises using chanting, music, breathing, meditation and other daily activities will create better health with a divine consciousness. The Heart and the Third Eye will be key targets of this seminar and our activities. Art and contemplation will become useful and easy tools of expression to more quickly integrate the visions and healing you have experienced during our “class” activities. We will offer painting, writing, and dancing as options for expression.

Dolphins, Whales, Giant Turtles, Adventures on Haleakala

On the volcano and on the beach some evenings, Clydette, an accomplished musician, will guide us with drumming and chanting and her old Hawaiian tales. She may even express herself in an ancient native language which comes back to her quite naturally.

We will do a special preparation before our encounter with the dolphins and whales so that the experience will become more meaningful. At this time of the year, the whales are very active, dancing and jumping above the water, training and preparing their babies before leaving the warm Hawaiian waters. Dolphins are easy to see and accessible to everyone, sometimes from the shore, and other times by swimming with them or from a kayak or a larger boat.

Maui – a natural spa setting

Maui has been selected for theses workshops thanks to its special energy and vortexes, its pleasant climate, the dolphins, whales, and giant turtles surrounding it, and especially for its beautiful beaches for swimming and working in the water. Lodging is always previewed on the sunny side of Maui so you are bathed with sun and fun.

Sun & Fun – swimming, snorkeling, special adventures, and more

Morning activities may include hiking, swimming, snorkeling, and beach play including encounters with dolphins and whales. AromaYoga™, Auric Aromatherapy and energetic Healing classes in the afternoon, include special meditations and breathing. Discovery or rediscovery of the secret and sacred parts of the volcano and other sites in the evening make for a learning adventure as no other.

This Seminar makes extraordinary concrete changes in your life quickly and easily with fun and sun!

Many participants return year after year for this life-changing experience. It is revitalizing and rejuvenating.

You will

– Reduce pain in your body, mind, and soul

– Create a better flow of energy in your body

– Discover your body, its rhythms, and its power

– Reduce stress

– Create peace and well-being

– Learn how to control your life

– Prevent and cure disease

– Develop the ability of self-diagnosis

– Rejuvenate and elevate yourself spiritually, easily and naturally

– Learn to treat yourself, your family and friends, and your clients

Participants will be empowered by using high vibrational aromatherapeutic products, simple postures, and the attitude of the body and mind – all of which are accessible to everyone.

This is a course of personal self-development which can be applied to a professional training certification program. Requirements are available upon request.


You have several seminar options:

• April 17-24: AromaYoga™ and Ascended Master Energies

• April 24-May 1: Medical Astrology and Astrosophy

• May 1-8: Shamanic Healing: the Power of Nature & Himalayan Breath

Arrivals on Saturday afternoons / Departures on Saturday mornings

If you would like to come a one or two days before and/or stay one or two days after the scheduled seminar, this can be arranged.It is highly recommended that participants try to stay at least 2 weeks in order to reinforce and more thoroughly integrate new changes.

Seminar and Lodging Cost

Call for pricing

All lodging is double occupancy. Single occupancy possible depending on availability. Request availability and price. (With each option, there is the possibility to arrive or stay an Extra Day or Two in Maui.
Accommodations are in condos or houses on or within walking distance to the best beaches, markets, and shopping centers. Accommodations are in the best location on the island where the climate is ideal, close to the best beaches and to markets/shopping center. Washer/dryer and kitchen available.

Payment: 1/2 required with registration. Complete payment is required 45 days before your scheduled arrival date. Form of Payment: money order, check, MasterCard, Visa, Discovery, and through Paypal.

A typical day in Maui

– Morning – Generally free. However, a portion of the seminar may be given for a part of the morning on the beach. We suggest going to the beach, or a boat trip for whale watching, or kayaking to swim with the dolpins.

– Afternoon (1PM to 6PM) – Seminar (Depending on the week you come, we will go to Haleakala in the afternoon and evening.)

– Evenings – Free time. Except for a Hawaiian ceremony with the Hawaiian Priestress Alalani. Fire and cookout on beach with group. Drumming, star gazing. Trip to the lava fields to connect with the ancient entities according to Hawaiian Legend. Trip to Haleakala for the sunset.

– Optional activities will be proposed.


Mireille Mendes and Clydette Clayton are Harmoniatherapists & Aromatherapists, Healers, Musicians, & Professional Instructors.
Clydette and Mireille have been practicing and teaching medical and auric aromatherapy and natural healing for nearly 20 years both
in the U.S. and Europe. They are the creators of the AromaYoga Energetics™ and
Shamanic Remedies, known to have the highest vibrations of all oils and are frequent radio and television guests.

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