Fall Special

“I saw Jesus approaching me from the back on my left hand side. He hovered over my left shoulder while at the same time, he was in front of me irradiating a sweet, strong, golden bright light.

Jesus spoke to me saying, “Here is the formula for my perfume. It is my essence. Transmit it to the world.”


Sweet Love LotionAfter this blessed event, I copied the copy of the formula to a special page on the computer and then wrote it by hand wanting to be certain have it well protected

The formula of Jesus was made concrete. I put it into little perfume bottles and was to told by Jesus to tell everyone around me. Many buyers of the perfume of Jesus have transported their little perfume to special places all over the world to transmit His essence.” – Mireille

Mireille Nedelec is a Master Perfumer, a specialist in natural healing of the body and the soul. She is very devoted to Jesus and Mary. Her mission in life is to help Humanity.

In celebration of the Holidays, the Aromatherpy Center wants to reward our community with a special gift: The Jesus Perfume for 20% off for a limited time.       Regularly $64.97 – Now $51.98

Just type the word HOLIDAY in the Coupon Code area at checkout and click “apply” for instant savings!

Give one for gift and keep one for yourself.

What Can the Perfume Jesus Do for You?

  • When you feel hurt or have pain, put it on your heart.
  • When you feel a need to receive his Love, place the Jesus Perfume anywhere on you. Jesus is the pure
    Messenger of Love.
  • When you want to help another feel the Love of Jesus, give his Love through the Perfume Jesus.
  • When you need to heal, use it on the 7 centers of your body: the coccyx, the lower abdomen, around the
    belly button, the heart, the throat, the third eye, the top of the head to cover your body with His energy and
    healing power.

Jesus is the perfect Healer. Receive Healing in His Name using the Perfume Jesus.

The Jesus Perfume is Perfect Gift to yourself and to all people you love and for whom you care.

Read more about the Jesus Perfume and its origins.



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