Other Treatments

Himalayan Breath:

Breathing is the door given by a Master.
And only a Master can take you to the Celestial door.

Become a new being, simply practicing this divine breathing method to reduce pain in your body and in your soul. Create health and joy, wealth and spiritual growth. There is no way to remain depressed or sad! A very easy and effective method to develop your extrasensory senses.

These methods of breathing were given by the Buddhic Master, F.B. His philosophy is based on the existence of one Infinite Principle, of an indestructible soul, of reincarnations, of metempsychosis under the sovereign law of karma, and of the conquest of liberation through Love, Justice, Wisdom, and Beauty. Just as Pythagoras and Plato, F.B. founded Schools of Wisdom where his Solar Yoga is transmitted.

F.B. mission in his past incarnation was to transmit the Divine Breathing and to give Initiations. He also wrote over 70 books using a magnificent variety of styles and approaches, pleasing scientists as well as mystical researchers.

Now, Clydette Clayton and Mireille Nédélec have been guided to reveal and to teach these breathing methods in America.

 Let all brings be joyful – In the North, in the South,
In the East, and in the West,
In the Nadir, and in the Zenith.
And let me be joyful in my Primordial Being.


Massage Therapy with Aromas:
This uses the appropriate Aromatherapeutic lotions corresponding to the specific needs of one’s body and soul.

This is a hand or foot massage which sends the proper flow of energy to the different organs – bringing calm, peace, and comfort.

This helps us to understand the past in order to perceive future cycles events and to prepare us to face and/ or take advantage of upcoming energies or events in the future for healing at all levels of our lives.

Feng Shui:
This is an ancient Chinese art of harmonizing the interior and exterior environment of home and businesses.

This is the healing art of acupressure or acupuncture on the points of tile ears which corresponds to the body and diseases.

Ear Coning:
This art is used to releive pressure and infections in the ears. It is also known to releive other blockages and imbalances.

Crystal Therapy:
This is a healing art using the loving energy of crystals on individuals, groups, homes, businesses, gardens.

Sound and Music Therapy:
This is a healing art which reaches the cellular and DNA memory.

Chromo-son-aroma-geo therapy™:
This is a healing art developed by M. Nédélec and C. clayton which combine the highest healing energies of color, sound, therapuetic perfumes, crystals, and sacred geometry.

This is the art to go inside of oneself to reach peace, harmony and to create health and freedom.

This is a new French therapy using specially energized ceramic tools on the individual or in the environment to bring the correct energy to the

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