My Fragrance

A One-Of-A-Kind
Custom Perfume
Just For You

“My Fragrance” is uniquely tailored to your taste. It embodies your desires and dreams. It attracts others to you. It comforts you and gives you confidence. Heads will turn when you enter the room. “My Fragrance” is an original perfume made with only the finest organic essential and carrier oils. You will not only revel in lovely aromas but you will also enjoy the luxury of extraordinary health benefits.
“My Fragrance” is delivered in a 10 ml roller ball blue bottle. The blue bottle protects the precious natural ingredients from light. Value: $250.00

Tel. 770 888 0417

Combining her knowledge of chemistry, aromas, and intuition, French Maître-Parfumeur Mireille Nedelec, produces you a unique perfume with an aromatic bouquet fit for a queen.

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