Master Perfumes

Master Perfumes

Formulated with the rarest & highest vibrational oils

Master Perfumes of Shamballa

The Essence of the Master

The Masters have transmitted the essence of their energy and spirtual mission through these Cosmic Perfumes. Only the highest quality essential oils can capture the essences of the Masters of Shamballa. The formulas for these magnificent perfumes were channeled through Mireille Nédélec, a Master Healing Perfumer of France. Even people who do not know the Masters are known to experience a state of bliss by using them.

The following Master Perfumes of Shamballa are currently available:

* Ahimsa * Hridaya * Ananda
* Solomon * Sai Baba * Saint Germain
* Buddha * Moreya * Akhen-Aton
* Jesus * Amma * Gurrumurti
* Meera * Merlin * Olympio (Victor Hugo)
* Krishna * Zorah * Surya Ananda (F.B.)

* Mary
* Ecstasy to create true ecstasy
* UniversEl- to celebrate the Light of the Universe with 144 fragrances

The Masters Perfumes are a new line of totally natural perfumes of the Perfect-Health Scents® distributed by the Aromatherapy Center.

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