Mary Perfume

The Essence of the Virgin Mary in a Perfume








How Mary Gave Her Perfume… Her Essence

Mary in Lourdes, France

“In the dimmed light one evening while I working quietly in my little laboratory with a few hundred bottles of natural essences surrounding with their fragrances permeating the room, I went into a state of meditation. I felt as though a complete calm was invading me. I sensed that the Virgin Mary was coming to me.

She was dressed as we traditionally see her. She was in all white and light blue. The Virgin became more and more visible to me.

Then she started to speak to me saying in her quiet but firm voice, “Soon I will give you the formula of my perfume that will contain my energy. Humanity has not yet understood the message of my son, Jesus.”

She continued, “Neither did they understand who I am and my work here to help you. It is time to act fast. I am ready to assist by giving this new tool of my Perfume. No one knows who I really am and the work I do for all of you who assist my son.”

Mary emphasized, “They will be surprised with energy using my Perfume, and you, Mireille, you will be surprised yourself with the formula itself.”

She ended promising, “This will be my gift for Christmas to Humanity and to the whole planet.”

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After this encounter with the Virgin Mary, I began to announce to everyone around me the Virgin Mary’s declaration and promise to have her gift of her perfume for Christmas. I engaged the help of all the people around me to share of her perfume. We were all eagerly awaiting the revelation of her formula.

In just 3 weeks, I was preparing to go to France at the end of November. But Mary had not come back with her revelation.

One evening, I had become a little anxious and impatient. So in my heart, I said in silence, “If Mary does not come back to give the formula for her perfume very soon, there will be no time to prepare the formula and to make the perfumes so they could be diffused.

Suddenly, Mary appeared and dictated the name and quantities of all the essences to realize her perfume. There were many ingredients. And just as Mary had said, many were VERY surprising.

The next morning all was ready to start the process of making Mary’s perfume. Within 3 days, the perfume of the Virgin Mary started to be disseminated and has never stopped.

All needs to be accelerated. The perfume of Mary needs to go the entire world… to all countries, all cities, all families.

Let us have more miracles. Mary, bless us and save us! Amen Awen

A very short time after  the Mary Perfume was available, a few miracles happened. Several people who were anointed with the Mary Perfume on their heart and forehead without knowing what it was went into ecstasy. Mary’s perfume continues to create miracles daily.”
-Mireille Nedelec

Mireille is a Master Perfumer, a specialist in natural healing of the body and the soul. She is very devoted to Jesus and Mary. Her mission in life is to help Humanity.

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How to use the Perfume of Mary

  1. Use it as a normal perfume to perfume yourself and to transform the energies within you and around you. By perfuming yourself, you become a diffuser of the Energies of Mary. Just wearing her perfume, you transmit her energy to those around you.
  2. Do as above, after your morning and evening prayer to Mary or any time you want invocate the essence and help of Mary.
  3. Place a drop of the perfume in your left hand. Close the bottle to preserve and protect this natural perfume. Rub your hands together in 18 rotations. Then place your hand on each of your right hand on the each of the 7 centers of energy on your body (sometimes known as chakras) for 1 minute each. Start at the bottom of the vertebral column, passing from one center to the next, and finishing on the crown at the top of your head. See the drawing for location of the centers.

For more specific work as a healer on yourself or on someone else, watch the video you will receive when you receive the perfume. It shows you the procedure for using it on yourself and then to transmit it to the world.

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