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All-in-One Lotions for the Bath, Body, and Massage

What are Aromatherapeutic Lotions?
How are Aromatherapeutic Lotions blended?
How do the Aromatherapeutic Lotions work?
How do I use Aromatherapeutic Lotions?

All-In-One Lotions for Bath, Body, & Massage

(15 ml amber and 10 ml for blue roll-on bottles)

Sweet Love – provides a sense of well-being, against depression, aphrodisiac $44.97


Anti-Stress – relieves intellectual and physical stress & fatigue $44.97
(Click here for How To Use Stress Relief Lotion)


Pain Relief – relieves pain in strained and injured muscles, joints, & feet $44.97
(Click here for How To Use Pain Relief Lotion)


Muscle Nirvana – soothes and nourishes the muscles $44.97
(Click here for How to Use Muscle Nirvana Lotion)


Sweet Dreams – for relaxation & sleep, analgesic, for skin infections, anti-viral $44.97


Feminine Rebirth – for the woman over 40 $44.97


Articulation – formulated exclusively for joint pain $44.97


Circulation – improves the blood circulation $44.97


Drainage Lymphatique – for gentle stimulation of the lymphatic system $44.97


Sinus Relief – aids in overall health of sinuses, easy daily use $44.97
(Click here for How To Use Sinus Complex)


Detox – aids elimination of toxins, great after taking antibiotics & for “jet lag” $44.97


Breath 007 – assists in deep breathing $44.97


Breathing – aids in the relief of bronchial disorders $44.97


Hepato-Renal – promotes better functioning of the kidneys & liver $44.97


Memories – aids recovery & development of memory $44.97


Ying-Yang – assists in balancing of the subtle bodies $44.97


Reflexology – formulated to assist the reflexology practitioner $44.97


Awake & Alert – relieves fatigue, stimulates the brain & muscles $44.97


Appetite Reducer – formulated to reduce appetite for better weight control $44.97


Anti-Cellulite– helps improve skin tone & eliminate cellulite (15 ml/30 ml) $44.97/$59.97

15 ml

30 ml



What are Aromatherapeutic Lotions?
All these lotions and massage oils are naturopathic products, totally natural – free from synthetics. They were conceived by aromatologs and therapists who have been initiated to the physical and secret powers of the aromatic plants.

The purpose of these products is to prevent illness, to develop the immune system, and to create better health by reducing physical and mental pain; thereby, taking the user to a higher level of health and inner consciousness.

Sensitive users will be surprised with the tremendous natural energy of our Mother Earth contained in these products and the very small quantity of the product which is required to receive energetic healing.

These Aromatherapeutic Body, Bath and Massage Oils have the properties to bring the natural energy of plants into our lives. They can be wonderful aids in prevention. Consult your Medical Doctor in pathological cases. These Aromatherapeutic Lotions are also ideal Massage oils prepared to be efficiently absorbed by the skin. They should not be taken by mouth.

How are Aromatherapeutic Lotions blended?
We look for the ultimate effect of the product. When preparing a blend, we do not consider the cost of the ingredients. After the most effective and efficient blend has been created, we determine the cost. Our products have no alcohol added and only contain the most precious essential oils and carrier oils which exist. We diligently control the quality of the oils we use.

How do the Aromatherapeutic Lotions work?
Carrier oils help essential oils to penetrate the skin and work faster. In addition, the fragrance or aroma of the blend works on our olfactory system which affects the brain. By wearing fragrance, we automatically affect those around us. Be certain you are wearing fragrance which will evoke the kind of response you desire from others.

How do I use Aromatherapeutic Lotions?
Alone, as a lotion on the skin, or in combination with other perfumes or products as indicated. The lotions can also be used by your massage therapist and health care practitioner.
You should only use a small quantity of the lotion, one or two drops to have the desired effect. Using more more of the lotion is not better! And research shows that using a larger quantity of an essential oil does not produce a better effect. Remember natural products are finite. They are not like synthetic chemicals which can be reproduced infinitely. But neither do synthetics have the life force that our Mother Earth gives us.

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