Lavandula Vera Essential Oil Represents the Perfect Mother

Resized2Lavandula vera is the most precious of all the “lavender” essential oils. It grows wild in the mountains of southern France above 1000 meters, or about 3000 feet above sea level. It requires a dry, sunny climate and is subject to disease.

At times you may read that the variety of Lavandula vera is grown in another part of the world. To be true Lavandula vera, it must be grown in the mountains in the south of France. It cannot be grown anywhere else in the world.

Lavandula vera grows to a height of one to two feet. It is a small shrub, lavender in color.
It is harvested by hand. If you think picking cotton by hand is difficult, imagine cutting the tops of Lavandula vera and putting it in a bag. Timing of the harvest is critical. The plant is normally ready for harvest in June or July. At that time, it is critical to have enough manpower to harvest the plant for distillation.

It takes between 150 and 200 pounds of the plant material comprised of flowers, stems, leaves to produce only one pint to one quart of the essential oil of Lavandula vera. So you can see how labor intensive it is to produce a small amount of this precious essential oil.

Because Lavandula vera is scarce, the price is high as you would expect. Its price is related to the cost of production. It is very difficult and almost impossible to find. The scarcity of wild Lavandula vera has required that it is replaced by cultivated lavenders that smell similar by do not have the same properties.

You need a credible supplier who can assure you that the Lavandula vera has not been tampered with to be sure you are getting a therapeutic quality.

Lavandula vera when described as a personage is like the perfect mother. The perfect mother is always there to comfort and tend to her child. This is what Lavandula vera oil does. It calms. It helps to sleep. It heals burns.

Lavandula vera does not induce sleep. Rather it helps to establish calm so that sleep follows naturally.

For best results, Lavandula vera essential oil should be blended with other essential oils. In addition, it should be used in very small quantities.

Lavandula vera is an exceptional essential oil with unique properties. It is especially important in aiding children to be calm and to feel a sense of security and mothering.

Children who have fears and insecurity can be calmed by this use of this precious mothering oil. When children are missing their mothers because of a physical and emotional absence, Lavandula vera helps to overcome this distress. It has the qualities of a perfect mother.

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