How To Use Stress Relief Lotion

How much of the product should I use?

1 or 2 drops – or put your finger over the mouth of the bottle and reverse it, holding your finger tightly to the bottom so as not to spill it

Where do I put the product and how?

  1. Place the product in the palms of your hands
  2. Rub your hands together in circles
  3. Close your eyes, cup your hands over your nose, and focus on the fragrance
  4. Inhale the fragrance 3 times deeply
  5. Place your hands on the temples of your head. Barely touch your skin.
  6. Place your hand on your heart. If you need stimulation, use your right hand. If you heart beats too fast, or if you need to relax, use the left hand. Make 7 circles starting with an upward movement. Barely touch your skin. If you want to use more of the product, use another drop.
  7. Also place any residual of the product on your wrists
  8. Observe how you feel
  9. Record how you feel with each application – just a few words in a journal or with the “Notes” below
  10. If you are in a place where you cannot take time to follow the procedure above, simply put the product on your heart and wrists.

 How often do I use the product?

You should use the product at least 3 times and up to 8 times a day. Use it in the morning to start your day, at noon, and in the evening at bedtime. You may use at other times of the day if you feel the need.

Remember the key to success how often you use the product on a regular basis… not how much of the product you use at one time. More often is better than more quantity in one application.

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