How To Use Sinus Lotion

How much of the product should I use?

With the product in the rollerball bottle, roll on the product with just one pass over the sinus passages.

Where do I put the product and how?

  1. Roll on the product on the sinus passages above and below the eyes. You can also roll it on the nose… just below the bridge of the nose on either side of the nostrils.
  2. Keep out of your eyes
  3. Observe how you feel
  4. Record how you feel with each application – just a few words in a journal

How often do I use the product?

Use the product at least 3 times a day and up to 8 times a day. Use it in the morning to start your day, at noon, and in the evening at bedtime. before and after exercising. You may use it at other times of the day if you feel the need.

Remember the key to success how often you use the product on a regular basis… not how much of the product you use at one time. More often is better than more quantity in one application.

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