How To Use Muscle Nirvana Lotion

How much of the product should I use?

2 drops if you have a regular bottle

1 inch diameter circles on the painful area if you have a rollerball bottle

Where do I put the product and how?

  1. Roll on or rub on your back
  2. Roll on or rub in all the muscle groups in the body such as the thorax, shoulders, arms, legs, feet, neck, abdomen, hands, etc.  your lower back. Much pain stems from this area.
  3. If you are going to exercise, subject yourself to strenuous activity, stand too long, walk to long, use the product before hand.
  4. In winter, use the product before going out in the cold to warm your muscles.
  5. Observe how you feel
  6. Record how you feel with each application – just a few words in a journal

 How often do I use the product?

You should use the product before and after exercising. You may also use Muscle Nirvana for pain relief. When using the product for pain relief, apply the product to painful areas a ninimum or 3 times a day. Use it in the morning to start your day, at noon, and in the evening at bedtime. You may use at other times of the day if you feel the need.

Remember the key to success how often you use the product on a regular basis… not how much of the product you use at one time. More often is better than more quantity in one application.

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