“Qi-Gong of the Stars”

A Distance Healing

What is Harmoniatherapy?

Harmoniatherapy is truly the most loving and powerful healing therapy accessible to humanity. Not only can Harmoniatherapy be practiced on human beings, but it can also be practiced on groups, relationships, pets, homes, situations, events, businesses factories. It is a sacred, complete, and natural therapy.

Harmoniatherapy permits the client and the therapist to receive a deep healing in the physical body and in the soul. It reconnects the patient with his/her highest self, and with the pure divine energy to receive the healing.

Harmoniatherapy is a Western therapy which has been honored by Oriental Doctors and Sages. The Qi-Gong Masters of China have recognized Harmoniatherapy to be a therapy capable of healing what Qi-Gong cannot.

As a result, the Qi-Gong Masters have bestowed a Diploma of Honor upon Harmoniatherapy.

How Does Harmoniatherapy Work?

Harmoniatherapy sends a specific energy to the acupuncture meridians and to other energetic circuits which are not yet known in Western medicine.

The therapist, the channel, becomes a pure channel of light, love, and sublime energy to transmit the Love and Light energy to the client-receiver. Through Harmoniatherapy, the Celestial Mother-Father works directly on the root causes of all illnesses (physical and spiritual) – clearing, opening, and balancing the major and minor chakras.

This nurturing healing energy bathes all the bodies – physical, and subtle, allowing the client to open his/her heart and to embrace the love, light, and energy of our Celestial Mother-Father to heal in this life as well as others.

Clients receiving Harmoniatherapy who have tried other types of vibrational healing exclaim, “Nothing compares to Harmoniatherapy!”

Harmoniatherapy is a well-known therapy in Western Europe where it is also practice by several medical doctors there.

How Can You Use Aromatherapy With Harmoniatherapy Treatments?

The use of an Auric Perfume is recommended with Harmoniatherapy. These special perfumes are conceived and elaborated by aromatherapists, Mireille Nedelec and Clydette Clayton.

Harmoniatherapy is a perfect complement to other holistic therapies and Western medicine. How could it benefit your life?

When Should I Have a Harmoniatherapy Treatment?

Harmoniatherapy can be used at all times. It is particularly good when:

  • You feel the need for more energy in your physical body or spiritual body
  • You have a disease and want to reach a complete healing in your physical body and in your soul. Healing with Harmoniatherapy goes deeply to the origin of a disease or blockage so that a complete and total cure can be achieved.
  • You have a difficult situation to deal with involving your home, relationships, work or business.

How Often Should Have a Harmoniatherapy Treatment?

We recommend no more than once in a week unless there are extenuating circumstances. You’ll need time to assimilate the energy.

Although it is recommended that the demander-client participate in a series of 12 healing sessions which range from 1 to 1 1/2 hours in length, just one session of Harmoniatherapy can initiate the beneficial energetic healing vibration that will continue throughout your life.

Having practiced Harmoniatherapy for over 2 decades, we find that the client feels the benefit on a conscious level after 3 sessions that are timed fairly close together.

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