Environmental Scents for Diffusers

… essential oils and formulations for diffusers

Professionally blended with the finest quality essential oils, Perfect-Health Scents™ Diffuser Oils provide you with a synergistic treatment. This can only be achieved by the appropriate blend of several essential oils.

Alhambra (For Relaxation and Serenity):Promotes a sense of well-being and creates an optimistic mood. Enchances productivity. Carries you to the Mediterranean “Paradise on Earth” with a smell of orange flower. A blend of oranges and other citrus fragrances.

Forêt Landaise (Energizing and Balancing):Promotes deeper, more profound respiration. Balances the cells of the body. Brings you the healthy elements of being in a forest. Creates a wonderful energetic balance in the environment and in the body. Cleans the lungs of smoke.

Provence (Warming and Cooling):Alures you to the lavender-rosemary-thyme “provencial maquis.” Enjoy a sweet, fragrant journey, full of harmony.

Himalaya (Enhances Breathing and Meditation):Specially conceived for those who practice Himalaya yoga and those who want to improve their breathing by purifying the environment. Recommended to facilitate breahing during meditation, energetic work, or before sleeping.

Tropics (Cleansing and Warming, also an Insect Repellent):Creates a tropical atmosphere. Ideal in winter to clean and purify the environment, especially in case of epidemics. Helps to repel insects. A blend of eucalyptus with other tropical fragrances.

Meditation No.1 (Meditative):Stimulates an out-of-body experience. Aids with Broncho-pulmonary affections. Improves breathing. A blend of precious essential oils that includes Ravensara aromatica and Eucalyptus globulus.

Appropriate Single Essential Oils
for Use in Diffusers

The following Perfect-Health Scents™ Single Essential Oils for Diffuser are carefully selected and are appropriate to use alone with a diffuser. Only use essential oils that are appropriate for use in a diffuser. Not all essential oils are appropriate to inhale in a diffuser for treatment. Some oils can burn the mucous membranes.

Lavandin (Gently calming):Creates a healthy environment. Eliminates a smoky atmosphere. May help to reduce desire for tobacco. Provides the maternal energy of nature.

Mediterranean Cupressus sempervirens (Stabilizing): Provides stability with gentle masculine energy.

Essence of Citrus paradisi (Refreshing and Cleansing):Reminiscent of penetrating lemon scent, but is actually grapefruit. Stimulates digestion.

Essence of Orange (Energizing and Calming):Increases your energy level gently. Promotes creative activities.

Eucalyptus globulus (Calming and Cleansing):Said to be the Essence of Buddha. Promotes meditation. Enhances respiration.

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