Effective Aromatherapy Uses Synergistic Blends of High Quality Essential Oils Not Pure Oils

Resize4To use aromatherapy properly, effectively, and safely, the following is recommended:

  • Consult a qualified, experienced aromatherapist.
  • Use therapeutic essential oils. (They are not commonly found in the commercial marketplace.)
  • Use appropriate synergistic blends of essential oils rather than pure oils.

Because aromatherapy is not a subject that is learned solely by reading books or by following simplified charts, it is best to consult a qualified, experienced aromatherapist. It takes not only several years of hands on experience but also a sound educational formation to become an Aromatherapist.

As with all natural products, essential oils bring an energy which can be very powerful with the proper usage. This requires a combination of the following qualities and knowledge from the aromatherapist: knowledge of plants, of chemistry, of physiology, and the subtle bodies as well as deep sensitivity to use the appropriate approach.

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