Ceramic Florins - "one type of diffuser"

Ceramic Florins - "one type of diffuser"

Diffusers Enhance our Health and Environment

The choice of the proper diffuser is fundamental for the health of the lungs. Blends of essences and essentials oils should be chosen also, not only by their properties, but also by their qualities so as not to alter the nervous system. Essences and essential oils should never be heated or burned. Burning alters essential oils. We recommend two types of diffusers: Florins (small natural ceramic diffusers) and Electrical Glass Diffusers.

Two Types of Diffusers


Florins are small Natural Energetic Ceramic Diffusers for personal and full room use. They are as simple as they are efficient. Just place a few drops of the appropriate formulation of essences on the Florin. You will receive the desired fragrance and effect for several hours or days depending on the oils used. Safe and easy to keep and carry everywhere – at home, in the office, and in the car.

A Florin measures about one inch in diameter and ranges between approximately 1/4″ and 1/2″ deep. It is glazed on one side to hold the oil. Each is a unique little piece of art ready to hold a heavenly fragrance. Only $3.95!


Electrical Glass Diffusers

DifuserThese are for the Maximum Aromatherpetic Effect. Designed especially to diffuse essences and essential oils in the atmosphere, electrical glass diffusers correctly diffuse aromas to purify, regenerate, ionize, and create a nice fragrance in the air we breathe. They can aide in reducing respiratory difficulties in a natural way when used safely with the appropriate essential oils. The nebulizing diffuser creates micro-mist droplets which remain suspended in the air.

Electrical Glass diffusers are very useful at home and in the office and are of the utmost importance in medical and dental offices, hospitals, massage clinics. They are beneficial to both the patient and the therapists. The quality of the glass is crucial for an Electrical Glass Diffuser to create a fine mist which is safe for the health. We offer three models depending on the size of the space to be treated.

Small Space Diffuser for 120 square foot area - $72.00

Large Space Diffuser for greater than 120 square foot area - $130.00





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