Benefits of Using Perfect-Health Scents

How are Aromatherapy Center’s Perfect-Health Scents Products More Beneficial Than the Rest?

  • The creation and careful blending by a Master Perfumer ensures safety and effectiveness in every bottle.
  • Like you, we believe in using all-natural healing therapies that produce rapid results in all areas of our lives.
  • We use only the finest 100% all-natural ingredients. No fillers or synthetics whatsoever are added, reducing the possibility of adverse side effects.
  • Our unique blends are quality controlled. We require a chromaograph which ensures that all of our essential oils have the proper chemical components ensuring the safest quality product for you and your family.
  • Perfect-Health Scents are formulated with high pharmaceutical grade ingredients to provide a safe therapeutic quality. No essential oil used in our products have been cut or laced with synthetic chemicals. For example, Bulgarian Rose comes to us 100% pure with no additives or alcohol added to make the bottle bigger. It is not cut with geranium which smells like a rose to the untrained nose but does not have the same properties or energy. Don’t be fooled by the ‘other’ products out there.
  • Our products contain very rare and precious essential oils that are difficult to obtain. Over the years we have established relationships with suppliers that are not available through normal channels to the wholesale and retail consumer. We’ve worked hard to formulate an exceptional, more effective product for you.
  • Perfect-Health Scents are formulated by a professional aromatherapist, Dr. Mireille Nedelec, who has more than 20 years of experience. Like you, we only expect the best!
  • Perfect-Health Scents are blended with the appropriate quantities of essential oils to ensure safe, effective results and deeper states of relaxation.
  • Products are cost effective, require little space, and are easy to use.
  • Products require only a small quantity, one to three drops, for effective results.
  • Quality not quantity makes the difference.
  • We believe in more than just chemistry. They are also the fruit of alchemistry which makes our products more powerful and beneficial for your overall health.

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