AromaYoga™ – Auric Aromatherapy Certification
Some take this seminar for its spectacular personal and spiritual development and others take it for professional development which allows for an immediate application.

What is AromaYoga™?
AromaYoga™ is a yoga using aromas. Yoga means “The Path.” Therefore, AromaYoga means “The Path through the use of aromas.” This means we can reach realization through aromas. AromaYoga™ was well known in the past and was an initiation practiced by the Masters and their disciples. Today, it has returned with new instruction transmitted by the Masters.

As with other authentic yogas, AromaYoga™ is practiced in divine energy. It is a complete healing system, an energetic healing for the physical and subtle bodies, a deep and efficient therapy, and a therapy which is easy to practice after a short training period.

AromaYoga™ opens your consciousness in your physical and auric bodies. It changes your vibrations and those in the environment around you. It will raise your frequency to the highest level a human being can have on earth.

AromaYoga™ should not be confused with Hatha Yoga which is a yoga based on physical postures and only one of seven families of yoga. Although AromaYoga™ uses simple physical postures, it is based on aromas.

What is the goal of AromaYoga™ training?
It is twofold:
(1) to heal oneself and to reach “The Perfection” in the physical body and the soul
(2) to heal other people

What are the tools used in AromaYoga™?
(1) Special aromatherapy essential oil perfumes transmitted by spiritual Masters
(2) Simple postures
(3) Special breathing techniques

AromaYoga™ Certification Training includes:
(1) Study and work on the purification of each energy center using specific perfumes
(2) Study of the interaction of the special essential oil perfumes on the different chakras and minor energy centers, development psychic abilities
(3) Perfection of auric breathing methods using special aromatherapy essential oil formulas triggering deep meditation
(4) Self-diagnosis and diagnosis using essential oil perfumes
(5) Study of diverse applications of AromaYoga™ treatments – prevention, immunity, healing, auric aromatherapy, massage, psychotherapy, and other holistic therapies
(6) Principles of the auric treatment and tools to practice it

What are the requirements to practice AromaYoga™ – Auric Aromatherapy?
• Completion of the AromaYoga™ – Auric Aromatherapy Certification Program including Level 1 classwork of 10 full days and three 2-hour workshops.
• Successfully pass the final examination
• Completion of the practicum
• Completion and approval of thesis/project
• Successful completion of all homework assignments which takes about nine months

Cost: Please request current rate. Application and Registration required one month in advance of first class date

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