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Dr. Mireille Nedelec
Director of Research

“Doctor of the Soul” ~ Harmoniatherapist ~ Certified French Trained Aromatherapist ~ Instructor in Medical Aromatherapy & AromaYoga ~ Healer ~ Speaker ~ Expert in Chakra Healing, Meditation & Personal Development

aromatherapy oils and blendsMireille Nedelec was scheduled to enter medical school in Paris at the age of eighteen. Disappointing her father by not going to medical school, she chose to receive the title of “Doctor of the Soul.” Her passion is using natural healing techniques to prevent and heal illness and to raise the vibrations of mankind on an individual and collective level.

Focusing on using energetic healing techniques of Aromatherapy, Meditation, Breathing Techniques, and Harmoniatherapy, Dr. Nédélec’s clients come from all over the world for prevention and healing as well as to grow and to raise their vibrations. She is the creator of AromaYoga, a very special aromatic and breathing Yoga accessible to everyone at all ages and conditions. As a Master Perfumer, she has created the special Chakra Healing Perfumes to prevent and heal the soul and bodies energetically.

Based in Washington, DC and Paris, France for over 20 years, Dr. Nédélec is now located in the Atlanta area. Today, she works regularly between Paris and Atlanta using the modern communication tools. Dr. Nédélec is also a linguist speaking English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese.

She has been a professor of French at The American University in Washington, DC. Her students loved learning French while developing their soul’s purpose. Speaking four languages, she has been able to teach and to expand her humanitarian activities with several ethnic groups and in several countries.

She is delighted to be able to help raise the vibrations of individuals so they can achieve their soul’s purpose without pain and agony. She believes that all can be achieved with joy and self-discipline. She has found the easiest and most pleasant way to achieve this is with Chakra Healing with Aromas associated with basic nutritional and life rules.

Dr. Mireille Nédélec
Your “French Aroma Lady”

Clydette Clayton

Aromatherapist ~ Harmoniatherapist ~ Crystal Healer ~ Feng Shui Specialist ~ Meditation & Sound Specialist ~ Marketing & Business Development Expert

healing aromatherapy oilsClydette Clayton got her start with natural and energetic healing in Paris, France in 1987. She had been teaching some 50 students in Tunisia how to take the GMAT (Graduate Management Admissions Test) that is required to get into an MBA programs in the US.

Clydette stopped in Paris for a visit on her return to the US.  Dr. Mireille Nedelec invited her to an Aromatherapy Conference. The pharmacist giving the conference was discussing how to use aromatherapy to think better in critical situations. The discussion included the necessity for lawyers to be quick-thinking in trials and for students to be sharp during tests.

Well, needless to say, this caught Clydette’s attention since she had just been working with these 50 Tunisian students to take the GMAT.

The pharmacist also pointed out that additional essential oils could be used to help students to stay calm as well as to have confidence in these critical situations.

As a result, Ms. Clayton spent over 2 years in France studying aromatherapy from a medical view point. As a matter of fact, she was among the last to be admitted to a program for doctors and pharmacists.

This experience lead Clydette in to studying the energetic healing technique of Harmoniatherapy as well as meditation and breathing techniques. After this, she began using Native American drums and flutes and received certification in Crystal Healing. She was also iniitated in to Feng Shui by a Feng Shui Master.

She has focused on modalities that stimulate our senses for easier, more efficient ways to improve our lives.

Ms. Clayton believes in using natural healing therapies because they produce rapid, painless results in all areas of our lives: physical, emotional, and spiritual. This also includes the healing of our financial lives, too.

With a background in business, finance, and internet marketing, Ms. Clayton has been able to build expertise in the foundation of natural therapies to business successes.

Clydette Clayton, MBA

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