4 Lavenders and Their Properties

Resized1Most people talk about Lavender. But which one? Did you know that there are many varieties of Lavenders? They do not have the same properties. Consequently, they do not have the same healing properties. In order to know which of the Lavenders to use, you must know the variety of the Lavender.

In general, there are 4 major Lavanders.  We’ll take a brief look at each.

1) Lavandula vera

Lavandula vera is the most precious of the Lavenders and for that matter all essential oils in many aspects. Its properties are complete for most purposes. The special quality of this lavender is due to the fact that it is a wild plant which gets magnificent properties when it grows at an altitude of 900 meters and especially above 1.300 meters in the South of France. It grows wild and is very precious, expensive, and difficult to acquire. Lavandula vera has been called the “Hand of Christ” or “Palma Christi.” It is very calming.

2) Lavandula angustifolia

Lavandula angustifolia, often known as English Lavender, is probably the most popular of the lavenders. It is probably the easiest Lavender to find in the market. It has a strong fragrance and is used for cosmetic purposes as well as some medicinal purposes.

3) Lavandula spica

Lavandula spica is another one of the Lavenders which grows in France. It grows particularly well above 800 meters and can also be found in Spain and Portugal. It is an excellent antiseptic. It is known for its quality to relieve minor burns and wasp stings almost instantly.

4) Lavandula stoechus

Lavandula stoechus is also a French lavender with properties similar to Lavandula angustifolio. It is often used in pot-porri  and deters insects. It has a number of properties such as: antiasthmatic, antiseptic, antispasmodic, digestive and expectorant.

In conclusion, although we often think of Lavender when we think of aromatherapy, we must keep in mind that there are several varieties. Each of these varieties has specific properties and uses. Lavendulaangustifolio is probably the most common Lavender on the market. Even though it does have some medicinal properties, the other 3 Lavenders mentioned in this articles known to have more medicinal qualities.

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