3 “No No’s” When Using Aromatherapy Essential Oils

Resize71. Never use a pure essential oil on the skin.

Why? You risk burning your skin when you use a pure essential oil. All essential oils are caustic… Some more than others. Being caustic means you can burn your skin. Less caustic oils used on the skin in the same place repeatedly can suddenly result in painful burning over time.
There are some oils that can be used pure on the skin such as Melaleuca artefolia or tea tree oil. But in general to be safe, it is better to avoid using pure essential oils on the skin.

2. Do not use pure essential oils in bath water.

Why? You got it! They’re caustic and can burn your skin. We’ve seen people who have burned themselves by putting pure oil in bath water. They end up with red streaks up their legs that don’t go away for weeks. A simple, inexpensive little tip to keep this from happening is to mix the essential oil in about a quarter of a cup of milk. Yes, milk. It is an emulsifier and will diffuse the essential oil in the water.

3. In general, do not place more than 6 drops of an essential oils of the body in a day. Large quantities of essential oils can be toxic… Defeating the purpose of using aromatherapy for health reasons.
So now you know 3 no, no’s when using essential oils. Be safe!

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