3 Mistakes to Avoid When Using a Nebulizer Diffuser

Resize6Aromatherapy nebulizer diffusers can be a wonderful way to use aromatherapy. However, you should avoid these 3 mistakes to use a diffuser effectively and safely.

Mistake 1Using the wrong essential oil.
Do not use an essential oil that is more appropriate for placing it on the skin. Some oils are more efficient when placed on the skin, and others are more appropriate for inhaling. Examples of oils that are good for using in diffusers are citruses: lemon, orange, grapefruits. Also, lavender and eucalyptus are great.

Mistake 2Leaving a diffuser running too long
When you run a diffuser in a small room, say 12 x 14, the room is saturated with the fragrance in a couple of minutes. Small particles of the essential oil fill the air. They get into your lungs. Since oils are caustic or burn the skin, they can also burn the lungs. We can see when oils burn the skin but not when they burn and damage the lungs.
When you smell the fragrance, turn off the diffuser.

Mistake 3Heating essential oils
Essential oils break down and lose their therapeutic value when they are heated. So to maintain the full benefits of the essential oil, don’t use a diffuser that heats essential oils.
To conclude, diffusers are a wonderful method for using aromatherapy in a beneficial way. However, 3 mistakes should be avoided: using the wrong essential oil, leaving a diffuser running too long, heating essential oils.

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